I know this is not a warrior but it is yamaha lol. Its a 98 grizzly 600


I know this is not a warrior but it is yamaha lol. Its a 98 grizzly 600. I need help. Is the piston supposed to move like this? Or are the rings shot? Any help is appreciated

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  • lol....stroker crank

  • Lmao.. and Michael Little you also said. "There's nothing wrong with that it is supposed to move, it's fine".

  • Okay. And ur like what 35 fight with a 16 year old feel proud there buddy

  • Thomas Hayes. Im already this far into it. I plan on getting the head checked, putting a new timing chain in it and also doing a top end kit. I just hope all this will make it quite again lol

  • Alex Chedda Bob Oswald that's a very good idea. After you do that.. make sure to set the valves again. Should be pretty chill after that.. Michael Little I'm 24.. not 35.. and I'm not fighting with you.. I'm just simply tell you.. you don't know what your talking about..

  • Either piston skirt is broke or the bore is worn so bad that it's egg shaped. Pull the jug and measure the bore if the piston isn't broke

  • I'm 16 and know it ain't supposed to move that much

  • the piston skirt is broke

  • Well guys I got an update on my situation. The piston was NOT broken lol but it did have alot of scaring in the skirt on both sides. The cylinder was at its bore limit for a stock bore but did not have any marks or anything so I am having the cylinder bored 1mm over to make it 608cc lol. I am also having the head rebuilt