I know this question has probably been asked before but if you want to repaint...


I know this question has probably been asked before but, if you want to repaint some of the plastic accessories and heat shields, what paint do you use. I have the white bolt and I'm looking to white-out some of the pieces. Thanks in advance.

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  • Take all the white stuff off thats what I did all thats left is the gas tank. The first scratch that shows up on it I'LL be painting it black im getting tired of waiting I might just do it myself I hate that white tank Lol

  • I happen to like the white tank and fenders. I'm trying to make a "stormtrooper" bike. Looking for info on some paint options for the accessories.

  • Cool Steven awesome Idea I thought you didnt like the white paint I dont like it but your Stormtrooper thing sounds cool love too see some pics when your through with it

  • I used VHT wrinkle black on mine with good effect. I'm pretty sure VHT offers high temp flat white spray paint. Gloss high temp might be difficult to find.

  • Flat white will work fine.

  • Thanks for the info.

  • i used paint from autozone. mine was black so i used black engine paint. but they have lots of colors