I know we all love trikes and may even have different brands However this is a...


I know we all love trikes and may even have different brands. However, this is a YTM Yamaha site. There are plenty of Red, Green and Purple Trike sites for showing them off, selling them, etc. Not being a site Nazi but it's gotten kind of crazy lately. We aren't like the Red guys that would have banned you already for other brand post. Just saying.

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  • You shut your mouth!! Hahaha

  • Lol. No Hondas in my collection currently we are all yammi now

  • Good man. Even the yamaha snowmobiles are great. We had a few last winter. Couldn't kill it.

  • You don't get snow do ya? Lol

  • Shit in Minnesota? We get feet of snow at a time lol. We get shit on every winter

  • Oh yeah . right on . we get some snow too. Canada eh. Lol . my phaser was the best sled.lol

  • Never had a sled I trike year round

  • I own several different brands but I post Yamaha in here.

  • Yamaha all the way!!

  • Sleds kick ass.

  • Sorry when it comes to sleds I'm riding rmk's. Yamaha is to heavy and expensive. But love the power of boosted four stoke. Maybe some day I'll jump bridge.

  • I run a yami four stroke outboards at work . nothing more reliabke.

  • They sure have Honda by the balls.

  • Fuckin right. Hondas got the power pack market cornered. Yamaha's makes great reliable products. Consistently too