I like the look of my exhaust so I don t want to change the whole exhaust


I like the look of my exhaust so I don't want to change the whole exhaust. Would like something with more rumble. Any suggestions on a exhaust tip?

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  • Or Cobra slip on.

  • I love the Cobra slip-on.

  • Was this easy to install. Do u have to buy mods ?

  • Super easy installation. Instructions are easy to follow. Just be sure to buy a new graphite Gasket. Yamaha part number: 5YU-14755-00

  • Awesome. Thanks so much. I really like the look.

  • Vance and Hines and I LOVE it!!!!

  • Looks great!

  • D&D racing slip on exhaust

  • I nearly bought the cobra but went for full system in the end. I hear to cobra sounds good and looks the part

  • Baron slip on

  • Look up on YouTube low an mean. Dude shows how to make it have a little more rumble for free. Just gotta drill 5 holes in the end of the pipe. Take the silver cap off the end an drill the holes. Watch the video it will show u. Easy 5 minutes an makes it have a way better sound to it. I did it to mine

  • I'm getting a full new exhaust at some point but until I find what I want I wanted a better sound so I did that.

  • I did what Tony Dix did. I also read you can cut the whole thing out with a hole saw from low and mean.

  • Awesome thanks ! I'm so doing this today.

  • Was easy to do and the bike sounds great after

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  • Hi Rachael. I thought a lot about changing my original exhaust. looked at slip on's etc. In the end I decided to replace whole lot with V and H twin slash. Bit expensive but looks great ( I think) and sounds even better. Lovely growl off bike now. Having said that I reckon V and H slip on would be equally as nice.

  • Thanks your bike looks great.

  • If you look inside your stock exhaust from the rear with a flashlight, you will see a "plug" about 18" inside the center exhaust tube. This piece of sheet metal diverts the exhaust through the outer muffler shell. You can easily cut this plug out with a 1.5" hole saw and an extension. It keeps the same appearance, but delivers a nice deep sound and the exhaust is now only baffled by the packing and not redirected through the outer shell.

    https://www.facebook.com/cyberpigue/videos/1015366 6401534865/

  • Thanks for the help. I drilled the holes out today. Sounds great until i can replace it. Thanks again