I live on the west coast and short of moving i have a issue I have slight...

I live on the west coast and short of moving i have a issue. I have slight surface corrosion on the hardware. What is the best means of removal and then insuring it doesnt come back.

  • Emery cloth and maybe spray some clear coat on it.

  • Guy at my local bike shop swears by LPS 1. I have a generic version (dry film lubricant) but have not used it yet-

  • A picture would best help with removal suggestions. Generally, removing one bolt at a time and using a fine wire wheel gently does a good job. I use regular old Johnson's paste wax for floors on exposed metals and it does a great job as it is a real wax and not a silicone prone to evaporation. You can get it at and lumber store - it's for waxing wood floors and is in the yellow can. I would avoid any kind of sandpaper or emory cloth as it will take of the finish. All you want to remove is the rust. If it's not bad at all, simple chrome polish will probably take care of it. Take the time to remove the bolts though, if you don't you'll risk harming the painted areas around it.

  • how does it apply?

  • There are similar products available in woodworking stores to protect exposed table tops on saws and routers and such. I have used them all pretty much and found they don't last as long as wax.

  • Aerosol spray can

  • Yea- I'm thinking it's gonna be a respray after every wash- which in Hawaii is basically every other day at a minimum

  • I wash with ZIP wax. Every little bit helps. My niece still lives in Kaneohe and my sister lived in Kailua for nearly 20 years. Everything rots away.

  • Right down the road from me. I'm up past kualoa ranch, and by the water- so yeah- rust is a constant battle lol