I m after some help I ve got a 99 dragstar 1100 fitted with hyper charger and...


I'm after some help I've got a 99 dragstar 1100 fitted with hyper charger and near enough straight through pipes. When I come to a stop during riding it's carrying revs and they hold high for a few seconds then drop buy still seems to tick over to fast. It's fine on idle from start this just happens during riding... any ideas guys

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  • I know it sounds stupid but did you leave the choke on?

  • float levels ?

  • Sounds like the floats are sticking slightly. I had this on my 2001 650 so took the carbs off and gave them a good clean with a carb cleaner spray and that has cured the problem.

  • Also sounds like your tick over was set when cold. Run the bike until it is warm and then set the tick over. And remember these are short stroke engines so do not drop the tick over too low so it sounds more like a Harley, as this will out too much strain on the motor and you will prematurely wear piston rings and seals.

  • Silly question have you got standard handle bars? As I have the same issue to find out the wires where on a to tighter curve

  • Don't think there standard as when you turn it does push revs up a bit but has to be on full lock.

    Floats could be an issue as bike was standing for a while. It does pop when rolling off bit I eczpected that that with the pipes