I m at a dilemma Do I keep my bike or switch is my debate I d like more pick...


I'm at a dilemma. Do I keep my bike or switch is my debate. I'd like more pick up and something better on the curves...but love the comfort of my bike and the cheaper insurance.

Argh...I'm so back and forth on this....

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  • Only one person knows the answer to this question, well not right now but you will lol

  • Soooo true... and can't wait to see what I come up with lol

  • Lol, i have the same dilemma, but I'm pretty much debt free and struggle with going into debt again, especially since this bike isn't a bad bike, do i want another 10k of debt for a new bike. ........

  • Agreed.... but figured the money I get for mine will decrease the debt lol

  • I was in the same dilemma. Looked around and thought about it quite a bit. Finally went riding on a couple of different 600 supersports and I was hooked on the handling, power, braking everything. The comfort was not that much different it's just different muscle groups that need training. Ultimately the decision is yours, upgrade the FZ or move up

  • Agreed... Ducati was amazing on the curves... but felt like I straddled a furnace...lol

  • I need to test ride more...

  • What have you taken for a test ride? I've been debating too... I've taken the FZ-09 for a test ride and loved it!

  • It's a good "starter bike",but I moved on, and I'm happy I did

  • A Harley a few years ago cause friends were going for demo day. And the Ducati 848... that's it

  • I felt the same way on a Ducati, most uncomfortable bike I've ever ridden. I tried the CBR600RR(my girls) hated it. Tried the GSXR600 and 750. They weren't to bad. The Triumph 675R I absolutely loved but was to small for me as its a tiny bike. Tried the ZX636 and traded in the FZ that day for it. Never looked back and this spring traded in the 636 for a new ZX10R

  • ZX10R is nice but too much power for me... pay for it but never use it lol

  • Heard Triumph is harder to get parts here...

  • The 10 does have ridiculous power but it fits my 6'1" frame better than the 600's. The Triumph dealers are pretty good out here in BC so I wasn't worried. Try as many as you can is my advice. I don't know about where you are but the big dealers here in Canada have pretty regular demo days to try different bikes

  • I'm in Ontario .... I missed Ducati demo day but they let me take out a used one (I want used anyway) another day... took the 848 out for 1.5 hrs

  • Have you looked at KTM?

  • Not really... they haven't caught my attention. The Aprilia has...lol

  • The KTM Duke and SuperDuke have a similar upright seating position but with more power and better handling, there is also the Z1000 from Kawi. I took the Aprillia RSV4 for a short ride at the bike show in January. What a bike so smooth but once again it is tiny!!!

  • I'm 5'9" so I'm average height.

    Aprilia a reliable bike? Parts reasonable?

  • As with all Italian bikes they are unreliable and the parts are outrageous, at least out west. Ducati is the same. It depends on your riding type, strictly commuting, long distance touring, track days and corner carving? There is a bike out there for everyone

  • I like going on long rides with friends...not really track days (done that twice) but definitely handling and curves...and comfort lol.

    Heard the same about parts being outrageous

  • Insurance in Ontario is craaazy too

  • It's the same here, 1000 a year for my ZX10

  • What did you trade up to?

  • Shit... I pay $1345 for my FZ6R and I called around to get that deal...

  • Holy fuck, that is insane. Maybe a scooter? That's gotta be cheaper lol

  • I am gonna suggest you take a look at the SV650. The insurance should be the same, same seating position. It sounds like the same bike I know but they are a very popular race bike and upgraded parts are cheap and readily available. You may even be able to pick up a used race bike and put the lights and everything back on

  • If I went with the SV650... I'd think I might as well keep what I have... no??

  • Go FZ1, you'll love it!

  • If you can find a race prepped bike it will have upgraded suspension, brakes, engine and exhaust. They run about 4 grand out here. The SV is also a v-twin so it has more power and torque at low RPM. I have a friend who has been riding hers for years and she keeps up with my 1000 without much trouble in the twisties

  • Interesting...

  • Just another option

  • So the handling on the curves is similar to what?

  • She has Ohlins suspension parts and race brake pads in it. It handles a lot better than the FZ for sure. The corner entry is a LOT better

  • Thanks a lot Jason...

  • Anytime, keep us updated on your choice!!

  • R6.. u wont regret it. Get the 2005 or R6S 2006-2009 models. Soooo much more comfy than the new shape r6. For the rider and pillion. Everything else is almost the same. Plus i like the looks of it better than the new one

  • It's near impossible to sell here for a decent price. I've hung on to mine for the simple fact I'd practically have to give it away and it's not worth that to me, it's still a decent bike and I would rather keep it than get rid of it for far under value. No one wants this bike here :/ Not for fair price anyways. They would rather buy a 90s R6 for the same price lol no joke.

  • Lol damn.. So different in various parts of the world. Here in South Africa, or at least in my area my bike the fz6r is probably like the best you get. Most bikers I see are either on small bikes like 150's or some sort of bmw tourer. In the last three years of owning this bike I've only see like maybe three or four of them at most.

  • I've only sat on newer ones and found them uncomfortable...

  • In Ontario insurance is attacking super sport... so you an pick them up here lower in price this year. I only have mine still because of cheaper for insurance

  • All it is here is super sport or cruisers. R6 R1, gixxer, cbr 600rr, 1000rr, 600 or 1000 kawis. My bike is pretty much obsolete here. There's a few but no one wants to buy them really. Not powerful enough for most of the guys, too powerful for the beginner girls. 250s and 300s sell quicker than mine for beginners haha. Sucks but I do still like this bike but if I could get rid of it at a decent price I would

  • I don't think they are too powerful for beginners, a friend of mine has a cb250 that she has only done about 5 hours on and loves my bike, she is far from highly skilled.

  • This bike is very restricted to make it ideal for beginners. Doing a few mods you can change that. Nothing too drastic but there's quite a difference in the stock performance of this bike to how it should perform. Especially if you start changing the gearing.

  • I don't either Brett James I started on a 500 I wouldn't have wanted any less but there's a huge mindset here of smaller cc bikes for female beginners. Those bikes hold a better resale value than mine :( no one likes a detuned sport touring here it seems. I love the thing for comfort I just wish it had a bit more capabilities. Can't always have it all though. Two bikes solves that but I would like to sell it by next year.

  • I tell everyone this bike is good at everything and great at nothing, it's a great all rounder

  • Brett James this is exactly it but the mindset here is all super bike geared or cruisers. Makes it tough to sell. I didn't think of that when I bought it, I didn't really buy it with resale in mind though.

  • Zx10r. And don't look back

  • Soooo much power....lol

  • 3 modes of power. Turn it down to low when you are getting used to her

  • Ohhhh right I heard that. Do they only come in green and black?... if so... I'd have to wrap the green lol

  • Depends on the year

  • And green is sexy lol

  • Not a green fan lol...

  • The black one looks better

  • We have a thing called lams (learner approved motorcycle scheme) where the government lists what bikes you can ride based on power to weight ratio, these were only released in aus with a throttle restrictor to get them passed that which is easily changed to get the full power your guys have, this adds a bit of value and keeps resale a little higher but they still don't sell for a lot.

  • Deborah Marie try the r6s or a 2003-2005 model. If u get a chance. Theyre the same shapes. And if u can find one in good condition they are very reliable

  • This will probably be my next bike up from the r6.. either this or an r1 big bang... unless they bring out a better looking r1 in the years to come as the current new one is one ugly motherfucker lol

  • I tried the R1 and found the seat angle was really steep. Every time you let off the throttle or hit the brakes I slid into the tank. Hard!

  • Jason Barnett same with the r6. I think.. im considering to get tank grippers . Specially riding 2up gets uncomfy on hard braking

  • I found having the passenger brace themselves on the tank made it a lot easier

  • Vytenis MadMax the new GSXR1000 is updated in 2017 with the same suspension and brake package as the ZX10. Might be worth a look