I m beyond sick of having to replace a filed spark plug What s yalls gas oil...


I'm beyond sick of having to replace a filed spark plug. What's yalls gas/oil ratio?

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  • My 08 YZ250 has never failed me a plug (NGK BR8ES) at 45 PJ, 172 MJ, 2nd-clip needle position A/F 2 turns out (counter- or anticlockwise), stock standard pipe. It has failed me once at 48 PJ with the FMF Gnarly and Powercore 2. Premix most of the time at 32 : 1 with the viscous Motul 800 2T

  • Model 2003 YZ125 premixed with Motul 800 2T Offroad Line at 32 : 1, model 2000 DT125 autolube oil was Castrol Power 1 2T, model 2008 YZ250 premixed at 32 : 1 with Motul 800 2T Offroad Line.

    Tried the less viscous oil available here in my place for my premix formula, namely Maxima K2, Repsol Moto Competicion 2T, Silkolene, Motorex Crosspower 2T, and Motul 710 2T, and i did NOT like any of them. By far the best 2T oil for me at my leaned out jetting is Motul 800 2T Offroad Line, and this is no advertisement just shared quite an expensive knowledge learned LOL! :D

  • Kiko buddy that no 2000 Dt buddy the dt125 2000 black and white

  • Well.. I replaced the rings and the spark plug. It started up after 2 kicks but now it's blow'n smoke like crazy. Leads me to think it needs to be rejetted. Thoughts?

  • Yes it's stock. I haven't looked or attempted to mess with the jetting yet.

  • I can tell you a quick way to tell if your gearbox crank seal is leaking bad. Grab your breather hose off the gearbox and pull it out somewhere you can see the end easy, make sure it's clear and free to breath and just hang a piece of tissue paper over it while you or someone else kicks the bike. If the seal is leaking you'll see the paper fluttering back and forth. Not highly scientific but it works. Then start the bike and block the breather with your finger and the idle rpm will change if the seal is leaking. Or your smoke level will change.

  • A feather will work just as well if not better than tissue paper if you've got chooks about.

  • That's a great idea Geoff

  • Dan try soapy water all round all your seals if u get bubbles you got air leak to test crank seal wip covers off use easy start spray behind mag with engine running if engine pitch changes its crank seal bud that how I test seals and gaskets

  • its usually not the seal .... its the bearing wearing and when the crank wobbles it pulls the seal to one side. Pull the ignition cover and see if you can move the ignition rotor up and down. Should have zero up and down movement.