I m getting ready to install an aux amp on the boat to power my tower speakers


I'm getting ready to install an aux amp on the boat to power my tower speakers.

What's a good hot line to tap into on the back of the console?

I've got a 2008 Sx230.

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  • You have to run a new direct line from the battery to power an amp, none of the stock wiring is even close to large enough to carry enough current for an amp

  • Ryan - thanks - the exact type of answer I was looking for. Appreciate it!

  • No problem, adding an amp also requires a hot wire for the turn on circuit, for this wire splice into the blue wire coming out of your radio receiver, when you turn on the radio the amp will automatically turn on then

  • If running from the battery, install an appropriate fuse at battery connection for circuit

  • Sounds like a standard amp install kit should be used (appropriate ga. wire, inline fuse...etc...).

  • Yup :)

  • dont buy an amp install kit, they are usually too short to run the wires from the battery to where the amp is.. especially the ground that needs to be run to the battery or a ground bar as well. most poeple install/hide their amps under the drivers helm.

  • Just my opinion, but if you are asking this type of question you should probably have someone else install it, or at least have someone show you how to do it...if done incorrectly you can fry the amp, speakers, or even catch the boat on fire