I m gonna need some bars to get my whip back up I don t care for high apes and...


I'm gonna need some bars to get my whip back up. I don't care for high apes and i would like something a little higher without having to spend a grip on cables. I also need a intake. But i have the low and mean slip on exhaust. Don't wanna have to do a cpu chip at this time. Any advice on anything fast and cheap?

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  • the cables run short, so your options are slim to none. They would have to be under 6inchs that would be at a max, I believe. v&h makes a decent filter and fuel tuner. doesn't crush your wallet to bad either.

  • Also saw the pictures, hope your doing well!

  • Cobra air filters are the shit. Go to revzilla.com

  • I bought some 8 in apes I was gonna paint and throw on. But I decided to go higher. I'll shoot you some pix they ran me 40 bucks. Used off a harley

  • I've got 6 inch biltwell narrow z bars that didn't need new cables you could check those out

  • Garrett Leum can you post a picture of those bars? I'm really interested in what they look like