I m having issues bleeding my clutch slave cylinder it s rebuilt and the walls...


I'm having issues bleeding my clutch slave cylinder, it's rebuilt and the walls are polished, bled it 2 hours and no pressure still. Any ideas?

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  • Thanks y'all, it's really starting to annoy me

  • Yes, this is really annoying. I resolved polishing very well the slave cylinder and mounting a new kit.

  • I have found on clutch and rear brake , after each pump wait 15 seconds for master cylinder to refill before next pump. Until a firm lever is felt, pull the lever all the way, then open bleed then close it before next cycle.

  • This may sound too simple, but it is the clutch is hard to bleed in the normal way, close every thing up except the reservoir cap and lightly pull the lever till it just starts to pump then release if you like wiggle the lever back and forth like that and watch the air bubbles come up through the reservoir, it worked for me every time

  • I hope I explained that ok it's easier to show but if I'm not clear Neal Will , will explain it better

  • I undo the slave cylinder mounting so there is no pressure on the piston, bleed in normal way until the slave cylinder is full, then as you re-tighten the fluid is pushed out (lever tiewrapped and billed screw open. )

  • Reverse fill the system from the bleed screw - using a syringe - and you will never have any problems. The same for the brakes.

  • Basically what Ian Armstrong said, one thing to check is that all the bleed holes are clear the small one in the M/C is easily blocked and you will never get any pressure.

  • A Fast way to bleed the air is one where u need some water and cloth on the side . Remove the slave with the hose still connected, remove the piston keep the slave level, film r up coompletely up to the edge through the piston hole push back in the piston .while pushing in the piston u automatically fill the hose then install the slave again . If needed bleed in the normal way. Be sure to clean the sefaces with plenty water .Should take together maybe 5 minutes. Done it several times works like a charme but be carefull

  • Hey everyone thank y'all for the help. I got it bled. Just in time too, the clutch pack was about seized