Has anyone here come from a sports bike to the tracer and does it still excite...


Has anyone here come from a sports bike to the tracer and does it still excite you a few months into owning it?

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  • Sounds like it covers everything pretty well!

  • I sold a triumph speed triple to get my tracer. I don't regret it one bit. The Tracer is a real Jekyll and Hyde, you can ride it sedately all day without any need to rev it to death, but if you just hold onto that lower gear longer and let those revs build up, it's all sports bike. I don't have a chance to miss my triumph because the Tracer feels so similar.

  • I swapped my GSX-R1000 K6 for the Tracer, as I wanted a light tourer, urban friendly, economic all rounder. I was using the Gixxer less often, (had it 9 years) as the bike seemed to be getting younger as I got older! The only place I felt I was able to use it to it's potential, was at the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit, but the ride to it was torture! The Tracer feels like a chopper to me at the moment, and hanging off on corners feels so awkward, but I can live with that, as I have a '96 TRX850 that scratches the occasional scratching itch. I've only done 592 miles on the Tracer so far, so I'm still getting used to the dramatically different ergonomics. It's been pain free so far, which is a positive result, and I'm enjoying every mile now, instead of just the bend swinging moments!

  • Thanks guys, that describes my experience with the R6 perfectly Brian. I bought it new in 2008 and thought i'd have it forever but like you say it only brings any joy when you're flinging it round bends and giving it a thrashing. The rest of the time it's plain boring, none of my biking mates have fast bikes and the R6 just doesn't fit in anymore on the type of runs they go. I'll definitely miss what the R6 brings but i'm positive as much fun or more can be had on the right bike at more sensible speeds

  • I also had an R6 (2004) Thomas Wilson, and that was more fun on my local roads than the Gixxer. The build quality on the R6 was better too, and that was another reason why I wanted another Yamaha. It's not something you appreciate until you've lived with them for a few years.

  • I've heard loads of guys saying they wish they'd bought an R6 instead of their 1000cc's etc, its been a faultless bike and still looks new the build quality is spot on with Yamaha

  • I've come from a Versys 1000 (which was heavy, vibrated and was generally crap) and prior to that a ZZR1400 and before that an R1. The Tracer is the smallest capacity bike I've owned in 15 years and yet its as much fun in A mode with the TCS turned off as any bike I've owned. A balance of fun, value and practicality like this just hasn't existed previously, in my opinion.

  • I sold not a sports but my all singing and dancing 1200GS Adventure. I tested about 8 bikes over a 10 days. Sports, sport touring etc, but Tracer I went back twice, 4 hrs on motor way, twisting a roads. In town up town out of town. For me personally, Tracer was a joy. I could have had any bike.There is something about it, can't explain it but I just crave to be out on it all the time. But my advice test, and test again with eyes open and then love even the niggles and imperfections.

  • Had a Gixxer 1000 K8 (replacing my 929) to use for traveling, trackdays and after a wile I started racing with it. Amazing bike. Had a miner crash at the track, the bike didn't suffer almost anything but i felt hard and, 6months at home. Put her back to road legal again and I really wasn't having fun with it. 1000cc for the road is way to much. I like cornering not highway speeding, wanted to use it in the city and weeked rides, so decided a need something different but exciting. Found a 990 SMT from KTM but... After test ridding the Tracer, one week after, she sits in my garage. What you are looking for in a bike was what I was looking. An exciting bike that I could really use and have fun again.

  • It seems there are alot of us in the same position, I'm glad Yamaha has taken note and made a bike that minimises the compromise!