I m looking to add a tower and sound to my 2006 SX230 I m getting the Samson...

I'm looking to add a tower and sound to my 2006 SX230. I'm getting the Samson Sports Edge tower with the S9HD speakers and amp. We spend 50% of our time wakeboarding/skiing, and 50% floating/swimming in the water. I want enough sound to entertain in both scenarios, but don't care about making sure the people on the other side of the lake can hear me. Even if they are different brands/models, etc... Anyone with similar setup, do you think 2 speakers are enough, or did you go with 4 on the tower?

  • Polk MM is a great boat speaker but with a horn tweeter, low power handling, and 6" driver will not be a good tower speaker. 4 in the boat...awesome.

  • I went with a monster tower and 4 of monsters tower cans driven by a 600 watt amp on my '08 sx230. You definitely want 4 up there.

  • I had a samson tower and 4 S9HD's with the Samson amp and they would blow your face off.

  • Forgot to mention that I love these speakers because they rotate 360 degrees on the bracket. You can loosen the pin and angle them anyway you want. It's bad ass. If we were going for a cruise, I would sit in the bow and angle a couple towards me.

  • I liked them so much because of the sound and rotation deal, I put them on the new ride.

  • Thanks everyone for the advice! Haven't decided yet, but will throw some pictures up after install!

  • I think you will be ok with 2.

  • SX210 with monster tower and two speakers 6 channel 100 watt amp sounds clear as day

  • get 4,i did just 2 and now im about to add 2 more because it wasnt enough

  • Looks like we have the same boat and I went with the same tower by Samson. We too spend most of our time hanging out so I upgraded the original 4 inside but added 2 more and a 12" sub. The 4 up top were great but the speaker upgrades to the inside of the boat made a much bigger impact to sounds quality and enjoyment for us...

  • Thanks for the reply, I hadn't thought about the internal speakers as much. Do you know what you put inside? Did you simply swap out the speakers yourself, or did you have someone upgrade the whole system?

  • Mine had just (4) 6.5" speakers that I switched out for JL Audios. I then cut out holes for 2 more up front in the bow. The 12" Kicker sub is tucked back on the rear starboard compartment. We had to put in 2 amps, one for the tower speakers and the other one for the sub/interior speakers. The Samson tower speakers are amazing, as long as you're sitting on the back deck and behind the boat. The interior speakers are awesome for the 80% of the time we sit, float and hangout while boating. My friends and I installed the whole system ourselves. Oh, and I had to install additional batteries to handle all this!

  • Oh and just a couple of bits of info. We paid extra to go with the 2.5" tubing on the tower vs the 2". We also had them build the tower a little higher so we could still use our factory Bimini, which is awesome but a pain in the ass to open/close.