I m not a happy biker the two bottom faring supports down behind the blinker...


I'm not a happy biker,the two bottom faring supports down behind the blinker both broke,has any one else experienced this,I wonder if warranty would cover this?

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  • Alice Nieuwhof,you may want to investigate further there should be very little play,it may be cracked up further under the outer faring,this shoulden't be happening, design flaw I guess

  • I checked up further and it all looks ok.

  • I went to my dealer today and they said it looks cracked. They ordered the part but they said its a new design. Be a few weeks before they can get it in.

  • I just noticed the hint of a crack on mine. I wonder if there is going to be a recall for them.

  • there should be,apparently this is becoming pretty common.

  • I just got a call from the dealer today Yamaha is going to cover the cost and replacement of my faring,keep an eye on yours,apparently there is a new part number for the faring,hopefully this means that they strengthened it.

  • My dealer called this morning and said the new faring mounts will be here the end of October, not in September like they told me on 9/4. I hope it holds together till then. We have some great riding weather going on this week here in Ohio too!

  • What type is your sissy bar? I'm still looking for a good price on one..

  • Its a Yamaha quick release rack and back rest.

  • Wow... this is great information. Thanks so much for sharing! Gonna take a look at mine ASAP.