I m picking up my first boat. 242s. Next week it comes with a safety kit


I'm picking up my first boat (242s) Next week , it comes with a safety kit. Is there anything else I should get as a first time boat owner?

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  • What I would make sure I had was: A jump-box...keep it charged, a first aid kit...a good on with big pads and stretch wrap instead of band-aids and tape, a whistle and caned air horn, a flare gun, a tool kit...and one that has real tools you can use and not the one to just say you have a kit, a spot light, a very sharp knife that will fit own in the blowout plugs to cut out the tow rope you WILL run over, ice, beer, mixers, liquor :) oh and everyone needs a stripper pole on board :-P

  • Practice docking and turning

  • Douglas, and may I add practice backing up again and again... LOL!

  • throw some life jackets or bumpers or anything that floats in the middle of the lake away from everything and everybody and practice docking and pulling up to them. I strongly suggest Cobra Jet Fins on the boat, one of the best decisions I have ever made. Biggest rule that ever helped me "Never approach a dock or object faster than you're willing to hit it" :)

  • Drain plug

  • Great string of comments her for me anyway still being only a few years into this.

  • prevents the plugs from blowing through the hatch...I use about a foot of a noodle

  • Ahh...thanks, never knew that.

  • Chris Voyiatt I pulled up to a boat ramp with my 232 and a guy came over talking to me about my boat, he had an ar230 and told me about the noodles and footballs. The best part about the noodles in the table legs is you can screw a big beach umbrella in it (not on a windy day or while under way) and provide shade for the swim deck.