I m thinking of blacking out the heat baffles on the exhaust The last time I...


I'm thinking of blacking out the heat baffles on the exhaust. The last time I did this (1984) I used a good quality matte finish BBQ paint. Any thoughts?

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  • I used high temp matte black and it looks good

  • Cheers Kevin Schweiger

  • My buddy Clayton Aswegan painted his and it looked good. You need to do all of those trim pieces otherwise it will look unbalanced. Clay on the flourish...

  • I used a high temp header paint from Autozone. Looks pretty good. Nice smooth finish.

  • Very. Nice. I'm going to get working on it once the temperature rises. It's -30c with the wind chill in Ottawa today.

  • I only did the edges on the trim piece around that battery. That allows it to tie into the header wrap. Kinde like a continuos stripe.

  • I used BBQ matte high temp on my exhaust, satin black on the chrome parts, and glossy appliance epoxy paint on my shocks. All rust-o-lium brand paints, with no issues. Just remember to sand and prep properly before painting.

  • Looks real good Jason!

  • Yup gotta black it all out!

  • I used VHT Wrinkle Black on my all the matte silver parts of mine.