I need a smoother ride I have stock shocks all around How will banshee fronts...


I need a smoother ride. I have stock shocks all around. How will banshee fronts affect my ride?

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  • Ed does no his shit. But dont banshee rears have the piggy back

  • They look really nice Kendrick Grace

  • Ed just said that plus those are warrior or blasty fronts too

  • I have a banshee and I put a +10" swingarm and it rides like a Cadillac now

  • Ed's comment didn't pop up until I posted of my comment

  • FFS I'm not trying to fuck anyone over. I took them off a damn banshee which would lead me to believe they are banshee shocks.

  • Those look like warrior front shocks and a 300ex rear to me Jordan

  • Learn something everyday.

  • Relax jordan just helpin banshee rear have a piggy back on them warrior, banshee blaster raptors shocks all fit on each other person be4 u could have had good shocks on n just had them shicks laying aroung n wanted the good ones so put them on. N Kendrick Grace if u put a banshee shock on I think u need 2 nod ur air box u just got 2 heat it up n push it in the piggy back hits the air box. Edward Tillman can explain it

  • Not doing the air box mod for a shee shock. I'll end up getting a 2001 raptor 660 rear shock before a rear shee