I need some advice I am doing oil change on my AR 192 2016 I measured the oil...


I need some advice. I am doing oil change on my AR 192 2016. I measured the oil I took out of the engine....and it was 4.5 quarts. The last oil change was done by dealership. The book says 5.6 quarts total, without filter replacement 3.7 quarts, and with filter replacement 3.8 quarts. My gut tells me to just put 4.5 quarts back in? I did not realize it needed more than 4 quarts?

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  • I took over changing my oil last year. What you take out you should put back in. When you get it on the water, check level. Add if needed. You can do in on land, but water is better, should be flat. My engines take 5 or so and I only get 3 + out. I switched over to synthetic last year. Good luck

  • Putting in what you took out is just an approximation, and assuming it was at the correct level b4 and not over/ under filled. I guess they assume you will only be able to get out 3.8 qts? If that is the case, add the 3.8 and check level....if low, add the rest. Hint: dealer mechanics aren't perfect.

  • Tom List makes a good point. It is a good time to switch out to a good marine synthetic and a quality filter (don't go cheap on oil/filter). I use Royal Purple HPM (High Performance Marine)...and K&N filter.

  • Update....I called and talked to a mechanic. I removed the oil from a really warm engine, and it was sitting slightly starboard and down hill. I got lucky and was able to get a lot of oil out. I believe also the dealership may have overfilled....but it wasn't enough to cause any problem. The engine does have a significant more oil capacity before problems develop. I hear that the air filter is damaged if overfilled...it is ok. I will check next time in water, and add a little if low. I added back only 4 quarts for now.

  • Thanks everyone for the info!