I need some help My warrior cranks to start but won t go I think it s not...

I need some help. My warrior cranks to start but won't go. I think it's not getting a spark. I changed the plug but that didn't make a difference. Anyone know what could be wrong? Thanks in advance!

  • It's a Yamaha, so yes

  • Yes warriors are a pain, but great when they run

  • I'm trying to sell mine. It runs great when it runs

  • After getting one, I cant imagine selling it. Electrical is a pain but the motors are simple to work on.

  • Had same problem mine was coil

  • Like I said could be a simple as wire loose or as much as needing to replace the stator. Go buy a ohm meter and test everything. Save money in the long run, I promise that. I didn't at first and bought all new electronic components.

  • Personally fixed 20 warriors w no spark and not one time was it the cdi or ignition coil ..always the stator or pick up coil ...

  • It seems to almost always be the stator or pick up. In my case it was not. Until now. I didnt install the new one correctly.

  • And yeah..every componet besides the cdi is easy to test w ohmmeter so process of elimination

  • Check all ur connections first and for bare wires, then try the coil n stator if u buy the whole stator it has the pickup coil on it , then try the cdi. I would try it in that order. I had a similar problem I new what it was but figured I ask n get more opinions n all I got was the exact same thing that everyone is telling u. Except mine ran once it got warm it shut off once it cooled down it would start back up n shut off after 5 min