I picked up a cheapo and the clutch was always engaged The kid said he put the...


I picked up a cheapo and the clutch was always engaged. The kid said he put the clutch in and it was at the end of it's adjustment. I bought a wiseco clutch, and took apart the old clutch today. It really doesn't look bad, but I noticed the "damper" I think it's called isn't in there. Maybe a dumb question, and feel free to roast me if it is, but do aftermarket clutches use the damper still? Anyone have a schematic of the clutch blown up? I found one but the quality was so bad I couldn't see it. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Damper? U have a pic of what ur talking about?

  • I couldn't really see what it was called on the shitty drawing I had, but I think I may have called it the wrong name.

    I don't have one, since it is missing. When I get off work, I'll take a picture of it on a schematic I found. It is a ring shaped spring that goes inside one of the friction plates, which has a larger diameter to accommodate for it. So it's in the clutch pack, between two of the solid plates.

  • Ok that's the wave washer. Aftermarket clutch won't use it. Just oem

  • Awesome! Thanks man