I posted this in the 950 Forum as well


I posted this in the 950 Forum as well...

Spent half day at dealer getting my 950T checked out for summer.

Saw all the new models including the Bolt. The bike that really impressed me though was the Roadliner S. Huge motor, and everything on it is streamlined...comes to a point! Many of us pay big bux to change out our lights and pegs, etc., just to get that look. Sleek bike and well-balanced to sit on for such a huge bike. Well done Yamaha!!

The Bolt looks like it should kill the comparable Harleys. It is light, and mean as hell looking! An ultra-modern bobber.

The 1300T really is our Big brother bike. Slightly different feel but still balanced well. I like the gauges too!

The Venture S hasn't changed for years and won't cause it's selling so well as is. Shame, still has cassette, no CD...but does come with Ipod and has place for Ipod or any portable player in left side bag. Has best engine over HD and Kawasaki...and almost 30 more HP too. Handling is better than Kawa and on par with HD. HD has best looking gauges in the front end, followed by the Kawa and in last place for dash looks is the Yamaha. Yamaha had best seats.....followed by HD. Both the HD and the Kawa had more storage up front. ABS is on HD and option on Kawa but not offered on S.

Even saw a couple of 650 Customs. They sure are pretty bikes. Wish I had kept my Classic.


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