I purchased a Thrust Vector for my SX192 from Jet Boat Pilot in 2013 I noticed...


I purchased a Thrust Vector for my SX192 from Jet Boat Pilot in 2013. I noticed the other day that the left fin had popped through the hex screw that holds it on. I called Jet Boat Pilot to ask about replacement parts. I was told that my Thrust Vector was discontinued and I would need the latest version. Then she told me they would send me a whole new kit immediately. when I started to give my information, she said she has it all from my phone number and the order has been processed. Today, a brand new Thrust Vector arrived at my door at no charge, they even covered the shipping. If anyone is considering shopping with Jet Boat Pilot, I have to say they are an excellent company with excellent products and customer service.

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  • Great company with outstanding customer service!

  • Exactly what happened to me a few days ago. Port side fin was loose ( screws came off ). Went to the hardware store and bought new screws / washers. Glad they helped you out

  • A week after buying the same, I attempted to install the vectors while standing in the water, with my boat on a lift. Of course, I dropped a few parts. I had to pay handsomely to replace them.

  • Will is a hell of a guy! Helped me out after hours just to install properly over the phone! He my first stop for any of my Yamaha needs!

  • Awesome. Same happened to me. Calling soon

  • Will Owen took care of me in the same way last year. The hex screws for the rod came loos and I lost a part and the fin bent. The paint on mine was also peeling off in places. The product was updated and improved so they sent me new fins free of charge. I do recommend checking the screws occasionally. I've found mine to be loose a couple of times and had to snug them up. I used the blue locktite provided but I'm going to have to do another application.

  • Fantastic!

  • Had a tension spring break on me. Called looking to purchase a replacement, and they sent me out a pair right away n/c. I was impressed.

  • Same here they are awesome!

  • Looking pretty common, happened a week just l after I bought mine. Used duck bill vise grips and squeezed it back together. Hasn't popped off since and that was about a year ago...probably should've tried what you did