I put my bike away for the winter. I am sad. that is all


I put my bike away for the winter. I am sad... that is all.

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  • That's crazy to me cause how can the tires grip safely?

  • Hmm skidoos sound fun, I wanna ride one, one day.

    Yeah I don't think I'll even make it 5 feet cause my drive way is pretty steep butttttt I've been curious so I may be dumb enough this winter to try it.

  • It's still nice in ohio but were supposed to have a colder winter than last year and it hit -40°F

  • Ppl do ride in the snow. My msf course instructor raced motorcycles on ice. And there's a group of riders up here who do a huge ride in February. They say ya just gotta let some air out of the tires.

  • I'm sure you can buy winter tires for the bike too. Brad -40 F we get -40 C sometimes lol. Winter is always at least -10 to -20 C. 0 is a warm day lol 10 C is like a spring day in winter lol Brice it's odd to not own a skidoo here. If it's not kept in the garage you for sure have one up at the cabin, and if you've never been nl one that usually gets a few gasps and looks of shock haha

  • I could but I'd rather just put her in storage and do my mods during that time

  • Get some of these tires lol

  • I rode my bike to work this morning, at seven a.m it was 69 degrees and when I got off work at four p.m it was 90 degrees here in Middle Georgia ,USA.. I must say I this country boy loves the south........

  • Close to downtown Kelly Kenselaar. heard of ice racing for cars but never seen it with motorcycles... now that must be something!

  • Snowmobiles: People are doing it wrong