I sold my Bulldog. it was a good bike. What do you think about MT01

I sold my Bulldog ... it was a good bike! What do you think about MT01?

  • MT 01 is clearly a bike made only for a great v twin ultimate experience, that been said any other concerns regarding mileage, utility is like you want to know how much the beautifully lady in red spend with the clothes :), compared with the dog who try to be not necessarily in red but more casual offering a fair v twin sensation (only with tuned carbs) by comparing to Mt-01 :)

  • I recently had the chance to ride a MT and had my wife on the backseat. She was complaining a lot about the seating psoition. I myself found 3 points which I didn't like. 1. The mileage because of the small fuel reservoir. 2. The seating position is unconvenient for me, as I am 1,86 m tall. The load an th wrists was too high, as I had to bend forward over the tank. 3. It was impossible to ride the bike around 50-60 Km/h at a convenient rpm. Either too low in 3rd gear, or too high in 2nd gear. So for me my Bulldog will never be replaced by a MT 01 (despite I like the massive approach of this bike).

  • small tank is not a problem. We have gas pumps every 30 km :) Im 10cm smaller so everything else I will saw on the test drive when I find the right mt....I hope that everything will be ok (for me as driver). back seat is not my problem :)

  • Big Mama MT01

  • That's a beast of a bike.

  • Perfect choice

  • Another thing to add...you will miss the BT !!! :D

  • I miss him already :)

  • Mt have what bt missing 30 hp more...

  • I like Moto Guzzi a lot but like bmw boxer engines all have "torque steering" effect when rev the engine...for me feels inacceptable :)

  • We have a user on the forum that switch from his BT1100 to a Guzzi, uou should ask him how was the transition...

  • Silly looking thing. And those exhausts...... Please.

    And a CHAIN ?? Ought to be shaft. - Well you did ask.

  • The main impressions after the BT users ride with the Moto Guzzi was : agricultural :)

  • Really ? Even the 8V ones ?

  • Well don't know to much of the details, the Guzzi must be tested to find out if you are a "Guzzi guy"

  • To me visually the Breva is as appealing as the Bulldog. Fine looking bike. Never touched it.