I think 25 viprs to start light awesome load rating look cool 508 shipped to...


I think 25" viprs to start, light , awesome load rating, look cool ....... 508 shipped to the house ebay

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  • Just tires?

  • For now ,,,, still got mouths to feed and the wife doesn't share my addiction

  • Nothing wrong with sticking to a budget bud. I'd seriously consider going larger than 25" though. If I weren't going larger I'd just stick to the stockers for now. You can find 27" or 28" tires for about the same money and you'll be getting a lot better performance and looks for your money. Then buy the spring spacers for $24 to raise it a lil and you'll have no rubbing with the bigger tires,have it for cheap,and it'll perform way better than stock

  • Yes I'd like to stay around $500 but that's not the issue there's been a recent epic debate about going bigger than stock at all without clutching your bike and since I can't do that for quite a while going to stay as light as possible. Close to stock Size as possible and get something that performs well

  • Check Amazon bud lately they have been cheaper than ebay

  • I've been running 28's since the day mine came home. I just run it in low all the time. But I do plan on a clutch kit sometime in the future. You can get away with 27's no problem though. Just giving ya some ideas so you'll get more bang for your buck. We all try to stretch our dollars as far as they'll go. So i wouldn't spend 500 on tires that are gonna perform the same as the stockers,when you're gonna want to go a lil bigger as soon as you start putting some rides in on it. Then you're looking at buying 2 sets of tires when you could've spent the $500 one time and got what ya really wanted

  • Heath Bradford so 27" Zillas then lol

  • Lol just pay attention to the weight of the tires and you'll be fine bud. You could go 27" and stick with tread like you posted and you'll be plenty fine. I use 28" Moto MTC's but they ended up scrubbing in spots. 27's would do fine. I think you'd be a lot happier with them over 25's especially since you'll have the same money in them

  • I'm swapping my stockers for 28x10x14 blackwater evolutions there not as heavy as most 28s.got to order 14in. Ss112 wheels.it will raise her 2 or 3 in. With spring pucks I'm hoping.

  • You won't regret going bigger than stock

  • Yeah I'm tired of high centering .those 28s should put me where she needs to be.

  • I got 28/10/12 blackwater and I did notice power loss but still did fine and never had any problems running without a clutch kit

  • I'm going to ride up and let James from jbs do my primary and slug the wet clutch.

  • I got all that done now, well worth it

  • Did u get all your power back.

  • And then some

  • Check yeah that's what I'm after then.I'm going to add exhaust and cdi .it definitely get more power to the ground.

  • I tried to think it through before I asked I just don't understand how a viper tire isn't going to out perform a glorified balloon like a stock tire lol

  • Anything would outperform those junky 2.0s .I can't steer with them or get much traction they suck.lolheard the viperes are great on all terrain.decent even in mud.