I think it was talked about recently but does anyone have good suggestions on...


I think it was talked about recently, but does anyone have good suggestions on removing the left grip?

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  • Pop the cap off with small screwdriver and use Allen wrench...the weights turn right off !!!!

  • Thanks. I thought those caps popped off but wasn't sure

  • Well crap. Bought a pair of avon spiked grips off eBay without checking fitment. Got my throttle torn apart and off, slipped the new on one, throttle sleeve doesn't fit the switch housing. To grind out the housing, or go back to shopping. Decisions, decisions

  • Back to shopping imo

  • Yeah. Sucks. Really like these grips and they were cheap cuz they were used

  • Kuryakyn ISO Grips are what I have and love them

  • Yeah, I've thought about those cuz I like how they're extra thick. Anybody know if they work with the brake-away throttle lock?

  • If you're replacing them... Channel locks or a pair of vice grips. Twisty back and forth to the glue breaks loose. I've also used wd40 and screwdrivers.

  • Got the throttle side replaced. The throttle lock will work with the ISOs with a little modification and some patience.

  • The left side I just took the bar weights off then worked a long flat head screw driver down one side and started rolling it back and forth between the rubber and and the bars to separatebathe glue. Slid right off.