I ve asked a couple of times here about tires so thanks all for the feedback


I've asked a couple of times here about tires, so thanks all for the feedback. I've finally reached the "point of no return" on the rear tire so decided to fit a pair next Friday. The garage does it for €300, all included, for any competing tire in this range: Bridgestone, Conti, Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli. So the choice of tires was really up to me, price was not a differentiation. So I decided for the Dunlop Roadsmart III.

What do you think of the price?

I will also fit angled valves just to make life easier.

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  • Not a Dunlop fan, but to be honest tyres are more about you and giving you confidence... they are all probably similar in ability for our style of riding - I prefer Mich PR4s - £250 fitted

    If your happy that's all that matters

  • I have the rear RS3. They're very good on dry and so far good on wet. You will like the flickable feeling that they will give you ;) (nothing compare..same brand but miles away of d222...)

  • S20 Evo's spot on

  • For me BT S21 or BT16

  • I will buy the front and rear BT16 for 200 €

  • I have the S20's on my XSR but haven't tried them in the wet yet. However I want more touring-oriented tires for the Tracer.