I ve been looking at these expensive hyper chargers Do they make that much of...


I've been looking at these expensive hyper chargers. Do they make that much of a difference on a 650 vstar or would just drilling my existing air filter box with holes at the bottom and re jet the carbs do just as good?

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  • Doug Wilson Any body who has been around a while knows there are no such things as "Bolt on Hosepower" or "Universal Fit"....

  • Enrique Guerrero ????

  • David Sirois I just cant stand someone who thinks they know it all and wants to delete a post just cause they dont agree with someone elses view. I've ridden my '86 vmax max thru 8yrs of my marine corps career from coast to coast and learned so much from other bikers. Theres no room and very little time for know it alls. Even on this post.

  • I agree on the not deleting posts... and on velocity stacks... they work great on a bike that you don't put a ton of miles on, or are willing to accept some extra wear for more HP on. The filters for stacks are very minimal and will allow more contamination but as far as performance they are the BEST.... hands down. Even the stock air box boots are basically stacks in an enclosed environment....

  • I was just speaking of the possibility of sucking up morn contaminants due to the lack of Filtration an the probability of screwing the engine. That was all.

  • Craig Genau Your "sucking the oil pan dry" Comment was very confusing at the least.....

  • It was in reference to the wet clutch and oil emptying from the spy glass. I've torn this bike apart from top to bottom over and over but never had to rip into the block. My explanation seemed plausible with the contaminants.

  • This didn't appear to be the best filtration to me since I would tend to think it was for strip/ race applications

  • Intake contaminates almost never make it past the cylinders (Unless your topend is wasted and then you have way more problems than what intake to run).... I ran stacks on my XS 11 and had 35k on it when I sold it with no problems.... If you are looking for longevity definitly not the way to go... but for max HP they can't be beat.... just a matter of trade offs.

  • That's all I was getting at was longevity. Spot on