I ve got a half day testing booked for Friday do I have to get there by a...


I've got a half day testing booked for Friday, do I have to get there by a certain time or is it just a case of do as much as I can fit in after I arrive? Not sure if I'll get to the circuit before 1pm

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  • You need to find out if you are booked on morning or afternoon session ... ring Tracy in the office

  • Hi Douglas I have half day booked for Friday afternoon our first session is at 1-45 and then we are out again at 3 and think 4-15 you will be given a time table when you sign on for testing will keep a look out for you and show you were and what to do if you like cheers Dave #17

  • Thanks Sally, will you and Sacha be there on the Friday?

  • Thank you, I'll give Tracy a ring as Sally suggested to double check I can get the afternoon session then I'll look out for you Dave, much appreciated!

  • Oh yeah, I'll be #40, running around and flapping a lot.

  • Sacha is hopefully on afternoon session ... he doesn't know yet ...have a look out for him ... i

    am not there till Saturday... look forward to seeing you again, hope you are looking forward to it !

  • Yep sacha there from Thursday night , me from Saturday ... gosh seems ages since we saw you at Cadders last year !

  • Can't wait

  • Sally, if Sacha is struggling on, get him to ask Tracy if he can have my afternoon, I'd gladly let him have it. If he is just short in time ignore this message x

  • Douglas - you need to get there with enough time to sign on, get yourself and bike sorted - simple rule of thumb - the earlier the better to give yourself time to prep the bike properly and be ready for the track session - As David says we are not out til 145 in the afternoon but time can soon pass when you are setting up and getting going. being calm and collected heading out to track is a better place to be - if I were you I would wanna be there by midday mate at latest - but thats just me

  • Cheers Pete, I'd want to be there by midday too! Just cant be done but I'll hopefully get myself an extra hour out from work.

  • Thanks Sarah he is on , he just does not know if it's morning or afternoon

  • Fish is right Douglas, but I would add - if you do run very late it is better to miss a session (not ideal, I know) than to skip the preparation and checks. I have known people (me included) tear about to make the session and missed vital stuff.

  • That sounds ok then, as long as I can get a session or two in if I arrive late that's fine.. bit of a concern over the motor so I just want to get some laps in. Hopefully I'll have time to get sorted!

  • Or you could do what I do. No, err maybe not...

  • only you get away with that :)