I ve got a problem with my rear brake sensor is only working when I apply...


I've got a problem with my rear brake sensor: is only working when I apply excessive force on the rear brake pedal/lever. Did somebody have similar issues, is that sensor repairable ? Front brake works spot on so i'm sure is something related to the rear brake...

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  • Just bougth a new one

  • Same issue as well. I will ask my mechanic to check. WD40 could perhaps help.

  • Only the sensor on top or the whole brake pump ?

  • I will also try to clean the sensor and redo the connection but I don't know if this is possible. This is the reason I put the question on the group...

  • Only the Sensor

  • It's a pressure sensor. They're about £15 on eBay. Just make sure you get the right thread. Any will do. I did the conversion on my GSXR so I could install rear sets.

    Take it apart and give it a good clean with brake cleaner first, just in case it's built up with gunk or corroded by moisture. It's off the main flow line so that is a possibility.

  • I'm sure it's some kind of piezo switch so you'll not easily damage it by vigorous cleaning.

    I think I've got a spare somewhere but I'm in India at the moment

  • Whilst you're at it, you might as well inspect the seals on the master cylinder. I've never taken that apart so I can't help you with that I'm afraid.

  • I'll take a look next Saturday at it and update de post with the findings...

  • I'll give you more info once my mechanic will have checked that. He is really pro and always try to solve issues before changing pieces.

  • Can you Show me the Link to it please. Can't find it.

  • https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181765566496

    Something like this will work. This is an M10 x 1.25, you'll have to measure the dog's one...and it's on a single banjo union so you'll need a single port one, not one of the double ones. This is the right area though.

  • Nice thank's ...

  • ive the same problem, but here it isnt working at all

  • Do i see rust at the adjustment screw ??!!!