I ve got a question. I ve read a few places about a product called Seafoam

I've got a question.... I've read a few places about a product called Seafoam. When I went to their website there were a few different products. How do I know which to use? Time to put the Grey Lady to bed. Thanks

  • Great stuff

  • I add some every 3rd tank if I can remember...smells like highly refined kerosene to me

  • Stabil is another good one

  • Not that it means much, I've never added a "fuel stabilizer" to my bike. I lived in MI. for over 40 yrs. Riding since 16. It was only stored 3 or 4 mos. max. I never had a problem. Maybe I got lucky. Who knows? Now here in TN. we get some snow and ice. But I just go out and fire it up every now and then. I don't even cover it anymore. Too much fun to go out in the garage and look at it while drinking hot chocolate (or something) and plan my first ride for the New Year! LOL

  • I dump a can of Seafoam or a couple ounces of Stabil in my tank just as a precautionary measure coz of the water based alcohol that they mix with the gasoline nowadays. I, like Jeff Pochik will ride every month if the opportunity presents itself, last year it didn't, damn polar vortex froze us out and dumped copious amounts of snow on us for 4 months! Supposed to snow tomorrow night. I'm not ready for this yet!

  • We get our snow Saturday John Mazany. Not gonna set in. The ground is still warm. But it's laying the way to a long winter!

  • Hey everyone. In in upstate NY and it is just a matter of time b4 it's too cold. I would love to move south just to ride year round.

  • My knees also would appreciate the warmer temperatures

  • I must have been tossed out. for some reason my posts wont work.