I ve got some small cracks developing between the treads on my front tire


I've got some small cracks developing between the treads on my front tire. No cracking on sides. The tire has about 1700mi on it. Should I replace it?

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  • How fast r u going? Under 40 naw over 100 yes

  • Just keep the front wheel up when on the highway and you'll be okay :-)

  • Yesh. Dry rot is no bueno. Those things can separate at high speed/temp. When in doubt change em. They're the things keeping your ass stuck to the road.

  • Call the company tell them your tire issue worse possible out come you pay for a new one best out come they send one

  • She's good, Lol, I'd replace to be safe,

  • When in doubt throw it out .

  • Replace it ASAP!!!! Ive seen tires like this fully come apart at low speeds. The ply's will split in a higher stress situation like making a low speed turn and down you will go. Tires are replaceable, your not bro!

  • C h eck the date of tyre manufacture. Should be 4 numbers on a side of it. If its like 3 or 4 years old its time to change. These kinds of cracks indicate its getting old. Still lots of tread left but u wouldnt want it to burst at high speed so change it. Ill see if i can find a pic showi g the tyre number indicating manufacture date

  • Should be 4 numbers like this.

  • First 2 is the week of the year out of 52 ofc.. and 3rd and 4th number is the year

  • That is awesome. I never knew that . I do know a little bit about tires and now I know a little more.