I ve noticed when I ve ridden my tracer that when I let go of the bars it...


I've noticed when I've ridden my tracer that when I let go of the bars it starts to wobble quite bad and gets worse. This happens about 45-50mph riding on my own or two up. I looked to see if I lost a weight off front wheel but all seems good. It's still on original front tyre too. Any other peeps had same problem?

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  • Yeah definitely worse when loaded up

  • Yes, mine does that.

  • I don't have any problem with Stock tyres,but now i have PR4 tyres and now it wobbles about 65-80km/h.

  • Adam mine used to do it until I had suspension set up. Best thing you can do is do a quick preload check to make sure your getting even sag.

    If not the front wheel will be light which will give you speed wobble at high speed or hard acceleration.

    Or it could be the other way where all the weight is on the front which will cause drag which will cause wobble when off the throttle or at low speed.

    I hope this all makes sense lol


  • Scratch his balls

  • The wheels are not very round lol, I swapped my tracer tyres for michelin pr4 s and it still wobbled, i have never know a bike require so many weights on the front wheel so maybe the wheels are not cast very round or evenly, the tyre fitter also said it was unusual for so many weights

  • Mine being doing that ever since buying it....had a dealership say I must drop fork 5mm...bike a lot more stable since...still have original Dunlop tyres on...still brings the hooligan side out of me lmao

  • My speed wobble (160 ~ 180) became apparent after installing PR4's

  • My workshop told me that the PR4's required more weights than other tyres.

  • Possibly on some bikes but not in my experience, it doesnt matter as the front wheel does not stay on the ground for long on the tracer lol

  • Cheers. Been messing around with suspension set up. I'll have another play with it and see how it goes

  • Evo 30 never wobbled

  • Very light and wavy at the front with luggage. Adjusted the forks and rear by the manual and some more, GPR damper and new Michelin PP3's, balanced both the front and rear wheel - will see how it works. May lower the forks 5 mm also.