I ve seen a couple of questions about what the best choice of tires for our...


I've seen a couple of questions about what the best choice of tires for our bikes are and that's entirely debatable. It depends entirely on how you ride. We have a bike that stock has less than 80 horsepower and doesn't have the same lean capabilities and power output as a supersport so our tire requirements vs the performance of bike doesn't warrant a super sticky tire. Now with that said, I've helped a lot of people choose tires and go back and forth between what they should get, and I have experience with all types of riding, however don't take my word for it, this is just to help out anyone.

My primary riding style as of late has been strictly commuting. I've ridden about 22,000 miles in the last year, primarily freeway. I do go out on weekends and get into the fun twisty bits, I'll drag knee on my bike and have fun with it. It's certainly got the capability for it. But I don't do that every day. Right now I'm running the Pilot Road 3s on my bike. A little bit of a pricier tire, I'll admit that. But the performance vs. Value of this tire is unlike anything I've ever had on my bike. So far I've got about 7,000 miles on my tires, and they look practically brand new. very little wear in the center on the rear, and with how much boring freeway riding I do, that's pretty impressive. I had a set of S20s, very sticky confidence boosting tires on my bike, but the centers of them would wear through in about 5-6,000 miles. I also had a set of BattleAx T-30's before this to try to solve the middle wear issue and still maintain performance in the corners. That worked okay, but I definitely was lacking in corning performance. I also had a set of Continentals and those were junk.

I live in San Diego, probably the #1 place in the country for riding because we can ride 350 days out of the year, the other 15, we just wait for it to dry off or suck it up and ride in the rain. Weather here in non-existant. However, today, there was a nice little downpour that I had to leave for work in and let me tell you, the Pilot Road 3s with the grooves and the tread pattern stuck wonderfully. These tires also have the built in 2CT compound in the side walls so it lets me do the fun stuff in the corners too.

Riding style plays a HUGE part in the type of tire you choose. I know if I were out riding canyons every day and going to the track every weekend, I'd be interested in a stickier higher performance tire. But for the kind of riding I do, this is perfect. When it comes to tire consideration, every tire has different compounds that give it different characteristics. Make sure you read up on it and ensure you're not only getting the best value for your money, BUT! that you are also matching the tire to your riding style and the conditions of where you live. You don't want a super slick sticky tire somewhere that gets rain often, that's a recipe for disaster. Also, you don't want a super hard compound tire if you're trying to go out and take your bike to the track and get wild with it. They'll get greasy and slide out on you.

Again, not an expert, just a rider helping out my fellow riders with my experience.

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  • Possibly. They're an awesome tire. No complaints at all.

  • CJ CJ Maverick Granados The FZ6R have 76.4 hp at 10,000 rpm

  • I stand corrected. =P I'll amend that to 80 haha

  • No comprendo.

  • Ups... It's in Español... It's we're says the Hp of the bike and the review

  • Can you get pilot power 3s in our tyre size?

  • Have you considered Avon Tires? In my opinion are the best, Soft, Comfortable and the Best Grip. But you have to change that for the life of the tires. In my opinion they worth it.

  • Yeah pilot road 4s are available as well as the pilot power 3s

  • I'm running 3's right now