I want to change the speakers on my bike and have been looking around online


I want to change the speakers on my bike and have been looking around online. Very little info out there. From what I have found the speakers are a 5.25". Kicker makes some nice 5.25" in 4 ohm and 2 ohm. I am not able to find if the speakers in these bikes are 2 or 4 ohm. Anyone out there know or had experience changing the speakers out good or bad?

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  • All the reviews say the kicker speakers sound much better. From what I have found online the stereo has 40 watts output. Just not sure if they are 4 or 2 ohm. Kicker also makes a few small amplifiers we may be able to make work

  • I've thought about doing this as well. I sometimes have to turn off the stereo when I ride as I begin to get a VERY slight headache. I believe it's due to the high frequency of the speakers. Would be very nice to have better sound. PLEASE keep us posted on what you learn. Thanks!

  • I agree, I will be looking for someone to let us know how different speakers sound compared to the stock speakers.

  • I know this isn't what you're looking for, but it does provide good sound. I installed Sena SMH 10 bluetooth in my helmet, paired it to the GPS and listen to XM. It has way more volume than you ever need. The intercom is nice for riding 2 up as well.

  • Found out the speakers are 4ohm. Havent ordered the new ones yet. Bought tickets to Vegas instead. As soon as I can get them Ill post here how they sound.

  • What size are the stock speakers? Are they 6.5's like the link I posted in the HD post above?

  • 5.25"

  • Any updates? Anyone doing additional research?