I was all set to trade my warrior for another snowmobile I got it all cleaned...


I was all set to trade my warrior for another snowmobile. I got it all cleaned up a looking good. I stared at it for a little bit and then texted the guy and told him I decided not to take the trade. Anyone else ever have attachment issues with their quad?

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  • Attachment issues... hehe.. yep.. guilty... otherwise my warrior woulda been cut up for gokart parts... got an old rebuilt 440 2stroke sled engine sittin on a shelf for 4-5yrs now... muahahaha!

  • Ill never sell mine. I love it I dont want a yfz it does what I want I dont care about speed. Thats y I got the 250f if I fell like im superman I take that. If I want 2 get muddy I take the 450 wolverine best of all worlds

  • I wouldn't sell mine ever for no amount of money to much attachment to ot silly but true

  • I have six quads and six dirt bikes all when I was a little kid till now I've never sold any of my dirtbike's or quads still have my first bike a pw80

  • The newest to the family..

  • I traded this mint srx for my first warrior . The sled was way more machine but I'm not a winter dude should have kept the ohlins shocks off of it

  • I'm attached to my 400ex and yfm350.

  • Mine's not going anywhere either. Too much blood, sweat and tears into it.

  • I pretty much just take my 86 xl250r... dual-sport... can go anywhere... :D

  • Campin literaly 5 feet from the edge of the lake... :D