I was thinking this morning about how much I m NOT looking forward to putting...


I was thinking this morning about how much I'm NOT looking forward to putting on my stock windshield. I have the Cee Baily 6 inch windshield and I love it but when the colder weather sets in... I'm gonna have to go back to stock because I'M DEFINITELY GONNA RIDE THIS WINTER!

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  • I've got to check your photos I want to see it on

  • Can you post

  • Steve I wish I could ride in the winter but Illinois salt and snow is hard on the bike. Also I like the stock windshield bnebcause the bugs around here can be bad. So I'm working on taking the back rest off and the rack off and doing a trunk. I found a new one for $219. All i have to do is paint it blue. I have my trailer done for next year found this $150.

  • Thanks Sheila,

    This is my $150 trailer and it came with a spare tire.

  • Nice!

  • My exact feelings, Steve. Already in the lower 40's on my way to work in northwest Indiana in the mornings. Unless there's frost, I'm gonna ride! Watch out for the deer!

  • Hey Jerry Schaver what part of Illinois you from? I'm originally a Calumet City Boy.

  • I live in Silvis part of Quad Cities.

  • So Jerry, are you buying a pre-made hitch or are you gonna fab one yourself? I looked into it when I got my vstar but didn't see any options for purchase. But the was a year ago.

  • Brain,

    I got my hitch from mchitch it fits great. I have info for it.

    Phone is 402 630 3580


    They have everything you need.

    Remember you need a 4 plug in not a 5 so check that out.