I will never understand Harley logic


I will never understand Harley logic

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  • You can have my address and I'll say it to your face. I love my Raider but I hate when people talk shit about Harleys just like I hated when Harley owners talk shit about other bikes. Yes I've owned and rode every nearly every make and model of bike made. My experience with HD was an awesome experience. Here is a shot of my Raider this mourning before heading to town.

  • Calm down Frank. Harleys are a good bike. Just way overpriced for what another bike of better quality and performance can get you. I was going to buy a Breakout before I read about the Raider and ended up getting a bike that would eat the Breakout for breakfast and for $10000.00 less out the door. Like I said nothing against Harleys but way over priced for what you get. Enjoy your ride and hope you get the chance to roll up beside an evo 103 and smoke his ass.

  • Oh people we have a TOUGH GUY! HAHAHAHA fuck off u miserable prick. Nobody asked for your negativity on here.

  • I have to agree John Miskulin. This is a Raider page. Who cares what you owned in the past. You own a Raider now. Don't post Harley pics and not expect to get blasted.

  • my Bolt.Raider and my 14 Street glide love them all the raider is good for bar hopping but for the road you can't beat my sg I'm on a 1800 mile trip right now already gone 750 miles since this morning God I love the road lol be safe out there brothers and learn the code we are all family it doesn't matter what you ride its all about the ride

  • Ever bike has its strengths and weaknesses

  • Raul Neri

  • Like Wesley Benjamin said Raiders are good for bar hopping....Why, I just left Las Vegas, hopped to a few bars in Phoenix, Az, got back on the road and hopped to a few spots in Los Angeles that mounted back up and hopped to my favorite pub in Las Vegas! LOL P.S. Me thinks me drinks too much! ;-)

  • I just rode mine from Tenn to key west fl...2160 miles round trip..bar hopping at its finest!

  • just witnessed a fatal bike wreck a dumb ass on a busa t boned a car after passing me you ride like an idiot you die like an idiot great way to be welcomed home after riding 1200 miles today lol be safe people