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Auxiliary power connectors.

After much searching I have finally found the exact connectors used on our bikes as spare power supplies for plugging in accessories like the new led hand guards a few of us have purchased. I didn't want to cut off the oem plug as I'm a bit ocd like that, I wanted to use the male end of the plug. You can order these as complete connectors or just the male end. The part number is called MT090-2 or MT090-2B for just the male end. The web site is www.cycleterminal.com, it's an American site but I can't find these anywhere else.

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  • Top marks Ian I will investigate as I like to keep it original too, if not too expensive I'll order a few and offer them on here at cost, will save people waiting for usa post times.

  • I ordered some from UK eBay seller but they turned out not to have the bottom lugs. However, the internals are the same so will be able to use the blank male on the bike with internals from new plug

  • Chris, I would be interested.

  • Ok shashi I'm off work next week so will try and sort something then

  • Cheers Chris Dye