If I have a kill switch on my bike and disconnect it will it cause my bike to...

If I have a kill switch on my bike and disconnect it will it cause my bike to not fire??????

  • Clean the paint off where the coil was mounted and cdi box its not grounded properly

  • Dalton James Forbes do have an ohms meter?

  • no it will run but why would you want it off....It could save your ass someday.

  • Yes I do Tony Sosa

  • My bike doesn't idle. There's no use in it at the moment.

  • It doesn't have to you can still check the cdi and the coil I'll post specs when I get home

  • Alright thanks a lot.

  • It doesn't idle ? Maybe you should fix that first

  • a toggle switch like on a trail bike can... but most mx switches are direct ground type. look and make sure the ground wire is not needed as part of the coil grounding system.

  • It's still useful even if your bike doesn't idle Dalton, Can save your life or you motor in a stuck throttle situation. I personally know two people that have had the throttle slides come unscrewed out of the top of of the carb and when that happens the bike goes wide open and then some. Both resulted in massive crashes and one a blown engine. A young mate also recently had a stuck throttle on a Keep Throwing Money that resulted in a punctured lung and the doctor reckoned he was lucky, 10 cm to the left and it would have torn arteries off his heart and bye bye. I don't want to be a scare monger and I know you've always got a clutch but a button under your left thumb is quick and easy especially if you happen to be hanging on for dear life. It's also handy to pump a bit of fuel/ oil mix through your motor if your runing it hard flat for long periods fire road or desert racing. If you're coming into a bit of a corner and want to lose a bit of speed, don't brake just hold it wide open and kill the motor with your thumb and if you hold it wide it'll pump a load of fuel and oil through your motor to cool it and lube it a bit. Old enduro and desert racer trick. I 'd agree with the other guys. The coil's got to have a good earth. I think if you have a look in one end of the bar throu the middle that the bolts go it you'll see a wire coming out of it onto a lug under one of the bolts. That's got to have a good earth to it. And yes we've done the same thing on race cars. Painted then so well the ignitor box wasn't earthed and it took us ages to find it and it was a motor that I'm really familiar with too. Done the electronics on probably 20 of them. Anyway good luck with finding the fault, hope it's just something simple.