If I were to sell this how much y all think I could get

If I were to sell this how much y'all think I could get

84 225 dx its not the black and gold edition the plastic are off my other one, runs great but could use a carb kit, no smoke doesn't burn any oil or leak any

  • I don't think I could sell it it's to much fun lol

  • Ide give 450-5ish

  • Welded shifter rod means pulling the whole clutch to change shifter rod. Probably 4-5....this one is pretty damn nice and I could only get 800 tops. And it has 350 just in tires lol

  • Yea I wanna get that rigged up welded crap off

  • Some one probably was to stupid to cut the gap wider on the shifter lever to make it grab the shaft

  • Sucks for you southern boys. In NY thats a min of 800. Any yammys here are pretty destroyed

  • Hey Ryan Ward i bought this in upstate ny. She did cost me my right testicle 1100$

  • Yea that's about right

  • Damn

  • Where in upstate.