if the vstar the most versatile bike out there tourer cruiser bobber cafe...


if the vstar the most versatile bike out there? tourer,cruiser, bobber, cafe racer, bagger, show bike. chopper

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  • You can, buy a batwing fairing and some HD hard bags. Then buy some soft ail brackets for the bags and modify them. Its pretty simple.

  • You can even mod the neck bearings and install an entire HD front end

  • I am not saying metrics are not good, I have just had a lot of problems with vstar, first the drive shaft and now the ignition system. I every brand has their issues and I know Harley is not cheap to fix. I just like the fairing with audio and most Vstars don't even offer any thing close to that, maybe the 1300. If I buy new bike it will be a victory bagger or Vulcan vaquero 1700. I am almost partial to the new honda FB6

  • What im saying is any other bike as easy to convert into so many different style bikes? No its not fast like a sports bike and doesnt float like a wing. But you can take this bike from a silverado to a bobber to street fighter to acafe racer to whatever and have a new look every year

  • Are you riding a 650 or 1100?

  • Whered you get the fairing? Batwing? Memphis Shades?

  • Call Shane at sscustomcycle.com. He has very good prices and might sell a ready to install kit.

  • Shane is the best prices around.

  • David O'Farrell, the 950 runs about the same HP/ Torque #'s

  • I also have the batwing fairing, I am still trying to figure how to add audio to it. I know that kuryakan makes a kit but I am not paying an insane amount of money for that, like all there products are way to expensive.

  • Hog Tunes, they are also high

  • I know right, I will figure out a solution and it won't cost me a second mortgage!!!!!!!

  • Shark Marine makes some pretty good small systems. That's what I had on my 1100 before the fairing