If you can change one thing on your V Star 1300 what would it be


If you can change one thing on your V Star 1300, what would it be?

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  • The Corbin Streamliner Trunk looks really nice on the Deluxe. They are expensive, though. I have been eyeballing the JTD hard lowers but am hoping someone else will go first to see how they work out

  • Seriously not one person mentioned the bars at 6 ft 3 they are hideous. First thing that went. Then added drivers backrest

  • Lockable GPS compartment on the faring.

  • JTD lowers installed, recommended

  • I'll mention what I couldn't change as easily. Seats, lowers, et cetera I can do gradually easily enough. But electronic cruise control is the one thing I'd like to have that I'm not comfortable modding myself.

  • Paul, would you be willing to post more pictures of those JTD hard lowers from different angles? Are those Yamaha highway bars?

  • Darrin Salzman. I have posted pics in this group of JTDCYCLE lowers installed

  • Paul, I found your pictures. Do the hard lowers feel attached really solidly? Next question, what brand of trunk is that? Can you get a full face helmet in it?

  • Darrin Salzmann. Yes the attach firmly, only movement is a slight buzz of the left one at about 140kmph, but I believe this is a crash bar vibrating issue As for trunk I have no idea of what you are talking about because my bike is set up for solo riding