If you have one of these let me know Preferred with O Rings attached My Star...

If you have one of these, let me know! Preferred with O Rings attached. My Star is leaking :( The PO broke an ear off the cover, and now one of the O Rings is broken.. BOOOO!

  • Meh. I don't mind removing the bottom pipe. Gives me a chance to clean a bit more. Only takes about 15 mins.

  • I will look in the morning. If I still have I will get back to you.

  • O-rings are only a couple bucks. Mine had a broken ear for years and never leaked. That said, I put oon the remote filter for better cooling and a little more capacity.

  • local stealer wants $6 each for the O Rings. Oil filter comes with a big O Ring but I have no clue what that is supposed to fit :/

  • O-rings should be replaced every couple oil changes anyways. $6 is cheap. And definetely cheaper than shipping on a part with -rings that need replacing anyways

  • all good, Im not looking for just the O Rings, Im looking for the whole cover. One thats not broken like mine is.

  • I know up here (Michigan) you could just go to a local Grainger and pick up a couple of high temp o-rings. Its what I have done in the past if needed something asap without breakin the bank.

    As fornthe broken ear, reach out to local shops and see if it could be welded back on.

  • If you can't find a used 1 look on RonAyers.com about the cheapest and you can figure out the part # also

  • I have a good used one,

  • I have a buddy that upgraded to the remote oil filter i will see if he is willing to part with that part.