If you no longer have a viking and do nothing but hate on them please leave the...


If you no longer have a viking and do nothing but hate on them please leave the page this is for people who enjoy their machines

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  • We love our viking and have ridden it hard an haven't had any problems.

  • 2015. Almost 900 miles and loaded down 90% of the time.

  • Yeah. 10 seater

  • You will love either one-teryx or Viking! But I love my 2014 Viking with no issues being used but I keep up on the maintaince

  • I had a cracked case on a 14 but they fixed the problem on the 16s. Bolts the hold middle drive gear would come loose and crack the case other than that I have had 0 problems and I ride the shit out of it

  • I'm not real mechanical but there were some bolts that would back out and allow it to happen. Mostly on 14's. Shouldn't see any problems in 16's

  • I beat on my 14 as well

  • 2014 love mine!! zero problems and I ride a lot!

  • I'll never own another canam, I'm an avid Yamaha user, there dependability is on top and followed by none. I'm basing this off of the style of riding I/we do.

  • We play in the mud with ours & it's been very useful on our property. Has pulled anything I've hooked up to it & pulled a few folks out of the mud too, even a couple of jeeps !

  • Nope never needed one! Lol

  • Yes please leave

  • 2014 with no issues i have owned a teryx and still ride the same places i worked on the teryx and havent done anything to the yamaha the viking rides better has more room and is much better on gas and way more reliable and the air intake and cvt inlet and outlet come stock way higher than the teryx and the viking can be serviced so much easier than the teryx also

  • long story short i went back to yamaha because i dont like working on stuff you can put a high lifter lift and some 30s on it and go through deep water stock with no problems at all i do it every weekend try it with the teryx and see what happens and also check rhe weight difference hp to weight ratio means alot!!

  • I do not do a lot of mudding but I put 1300 miles on it in 5 months and no issues