If your stator is bad will the machine not fire


If your stator is bad will the machine not fire

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  • Well I'm newer to doing. The motor thing. But you guys are right now that I think about it well I'll try that next then

  • Cause I can't even get a cough out of the damn thing

  • Did you check compression with a guage? Or thumb over plug hole?

  • There's compression

  • I agree with Steve Smith if you aren't checking it with a gauge it may not have enough. Just cause it may blow air out the plug hole does not mean it has enough to fire.

  • But is it good. I believe 125 is the minimum.

  • I don't have a tester

  • Try pop starting it

    Put it in 3rd or 4th gear pull with another quad or have a couple people push you and pop the clutch(just remember to turn the key on) if it fires up then it's the pick up coil

    Reason it won't fire with starter button is the starter can't turn motor over fast enough to produce a strong enough spark to ignite the fuel. signs of a bad pick up coil in the stator housing

  • Yep Ed is right. When my Banshee pickup coil was acting up, I could not kick start it to save my life. Spark was there but very weak. We could pop start it every time no problem.

  • 114 is minimum on the compression

    121 is standard

    128 is max

    With stock oem piston