Im getting new tires and it seams to be the michellin commander 2 are popular


Im getting new tires, and it seams to be the michellin commander 2 are popular. How do they perform in the rain? Looking for pros and cons or other suggestions. And i want to go to the 180 on the rear, are people going up a size on the front too? I appreciate any input, thanx

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  • Terrible in the rain. They are great at high mileage, so they have bad traction. However, they are good quality. I had the rear go totally flat on the highway doing 83 mph, and didn't notice for about 5 miles.

  • I also forgot, the bolt has enough torque to slide them when turning from a stop. Had that happen a few times. TBH, though, I plan on getting them again, since I have 16,000 miles and counting

  • I've had Avon Cobras and now Metzeler 888's. The Cobra's are a softer compound and wore out rather quickly in my experience. The Metzlers have better looking white walls and perform better and have more longevity so far. First photo Metzelers 888 Marathons

  • Avon Cobras, thinner front whitewall

  • Stock Bridgestones

  • Haven't had a problem in the rain with commander unless u hog on pretty good but I could do the same with bridgestones

  • +1

  • Personally I would go with Metzler. Much better in the wet, with better wear and handling.

  • The 880? What size did you put on?

  • I got the Dunlop American elite ones. They're made for Harley's. Some say HD on them but they sell some that done say HD just American made or some shot like that. I love them..

  • mitch pilot rd 4's

  • 180 70 r 16and 110 90 19. Since the 888 intro the 880's are getting hard to find though. The 888 is available in 180 65 16.

  • Pretty sure the RD 4 isn't available in Bolt sizes.

  • Gone through 2 sets of commander 2s. next set will be the same.

  • I highly recommend sticking with a bias tire. Some of your options are the Shinko 777, Dunlop D404 and the Bridgestone Exedra Max. I will be replacing mine with one of those.

    The Bolt was designed and came stock with bias. Bias tires are of a stiffer construction. Radials have a softer sidewalk and dissipate heat better for a more performance bike. The problem is when leaning into a turn or such, a radials sidewall will flex more increasing a chance of the tire washing out.

  • At the shop today the guy mentioned the new dunlops. Thanks for the info

  • Those are actually made for lighter metric cruisers and vintage bikes. A lot of these cruiser tires are made for heavier bikes. I had the Michelins on my Vulcan and with the harder compound to increase life it lacked traction on wet roads. Can't have everything.

    I will also be sticking with the stock size. The larger tire looks "cooler" but affects a bikes turning and since the Bolt already scrapes pegs you not gain any from having more unusable tread.

  • My C-spec clast a long time.ame with Commander II's they do great in the rain and

  • they really came stock with Commander ll? They weren't dealer installed?

  • 14 and 15 had bridgestones 16 commander