im having problems with my tri z it cranks and idles fine runs fine it just...


im having problems with my tri-z. it cranks and idles fine runs fine it just want open up its like lost power it want even ride a wheelie! it has new piston and new gaskets.

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  • Were the ring gaps spaced properly? Piston in facing the right way?

  • yea

  • could it be the reeds not opening properly?

  • Might need more fuel. Have you tried adjusting the throttle needle or float tab?

  • how you do that

  • Gotta take the carb apart and tinker round a bit. There's a few videos on YouTube that'll tell you how to do it. That'll be easier for the both of us rather than me typin er out.

  • In all seriousness, is your fuel on? I can admit I had the same problem and after working on it for a couple hours I realized I forgot to turn on the fuel switch. It's happened to the best if us.

  • thanks everyone