Impoundable Violations. DOTC LTO. MC 89 105


Impoundable Violations: DOTC-LTO (MC 89-105)

The following violations shall cause the impounding of a motor vehicle:

(Sec. 73, MC 89-105)

Unregistered/Improperly registered/delinquent or invalid registration

Unregistered substitute or replacement motor, vehicle engine, engine block or chassis

Unauthorized change of color or configuration

Operating, allowing the operation of a motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked Certificate of Registration

Using license plates different from the body number

Illegal Transfer of plates, tags, or stickers

Violations involving absence of required parts, accessories or devices or defective parts, accessories or devices which pose danger to the public

Authorized route not properly painted

Unauthorized/improvised number plates

Failure to paint on vehicle business or trade name

Failure to paint required markings

No body number (for PUV)

Using radio or stereo in violation of existing regulation or without the necessary permit, or in breach of the condition in permit regulation.

Installation of jalousies, curtains, dim colored lights, strobe lights, dancing lights or similar lights, colored tinted or painted windshield on window glass on "for hire" vehicles

In addition, the following violations shall also cause the impounding of the motor vehicle:

Driving without a license plate

Fake drivers license/TVR

Fake sticker

Fake license plate

Fake Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration

Tampered documents pertaining to franchising, registration and licensing

Failure to present any document regarding motor vehicle ATTA

Breach of Franchise Conditions

Improper use of drivers license

Expired drivers license

Expired Traffic Violation Receipt -MMDA

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