In need of a gas cap for my 1979 IT175 project Anyone here have a good cap...

In need of a gas cap for my 1979 IT175 project. Anyone here have a good cap they would like to part with? Thanks and Merry Christmas!!! Kurt

  • Your bike is clean!! I also have the speedo and light set up if need those

  • Thanks! I'll let you know, I'm going to check my neigbors IT stash in the morning. If he doesnt have one I'll buy yours. Thanks

  • This is the 79 I just built, the pic above is my 78

  • Both clean. I have 2 82 465s and a 79 175.

  • airing my 465 out a few weeks ago. I have the yz plastics on ours. Wife said Yamahas were yellow so she made me change hers to yellow. And since we moto ours and was having issues finding good 465 tanks and plastics put the yellow on my 465 as well.

  • Nice! Very cool!

  • Is that a brand new 87 husky in background? Nice

  • Yup, bought it in the crate. Had to assemble it but it's never been started. 430AE, last of the real, Swedish built Huskys.

  • Wow what a find long with its I have soft spot for huskys.have a 86wr400 and 83 cr250.

  • Thanks, you've got a keen eye! Here's a better pic

  • I have great memories on a 87 430wr. Wished I could ride those tralls and bike again.

  • Kurt Flash, I have 79 it 250 parts bike with good cap, ten bucks for it includes shipping, I will never use it, may need something from you someday, let me know

  • Dont know about that year, but I know my girlfriend's 1980 IT125 tank will accept a modern Yamaha YZ cap, the cap I have on her bike came off my '99 YZ125.

  • Any It cap to 1981 is the same.